Restaurant recommendations in modern Rome

Close to the Colosseum in Rome I discovered an adorable little restaurant that should not be missed. The initiall attraction to the place was its name, The Golden Ass. Since this is my favourite Roman novel, I decided to sit in one of the outside tables and taste the food. I soon found out that the name of the owner is Lucio; hence the name of the restaurant. The food was nothing sort of excellent; and I can assure you that my standards are very high. You pay 12 euros for a three course meal, a ... »

Misurata Hoard

I am bloging from cloudy Rome, where I participated in the Conference on the infamous MIsurata Hoard. The hoard comes from the wider area of Misurata in Libya and consists of around 107.000 low denomination coins. The last coin in the hoard is dated in 333 AD. During the conference we came to the conlcusion that this is a unique, one of its kind hoard. And yet, it can be compared with other finds from northern Africa, Italy, even the Balkans. Most of the papers focused on the circulation of coin... »

Live in Rome for free!

“Residential Awards for Research in the Archaeology, History, Art History, Society and Culture of Italy from Prehistory to the Modern Period 2012–13 The British School at Rome is a leading humanities research institute with outstanding facilities and an international reputation for research and interdisciplinarity in Italy and across the Commonwealth. Our highly competitive and prestigious awards have provided many leading scholars with a critical base for their subsequent careers. Applica... »