Restaurant recommendations in modern Rome

Close to the Colosseum in Rome I discovered an adorable little restaurant that should not be missed. The initiall attraction to the place was its name, The Golden Ass. Since this is my favourite Roman novel, I decided to sit in one of the outside tables and taste the food. I soon found out that the name of the owner is Lucio; hence the name of the restaurant. The food was nothing sort of excellent; and I can assure you that my standards are very high. You pay 12 euros for a three course meal, a glass of wine and a bottle of water. Even if the quantity of the foor is not exactly what I was hoping for, the quality makes up for it. If you have six euros left in your pocket, try one of the ‘dolci’. Strongly recommended to all academic foodies!


Economic historian and numismatic consultant


  1. This was my favorite:

  2. Thanks for both suggestions. I’ll be in Rome in May and looking forward to trying them.

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