Ancient History Competition 24

Which Roman author “immortalised” Alcibiades’ favourite (?) pet? »

Quotation of the Week 17

“History, like wood, has a grain in it which determines how it splits; and those in authority, besides trying to shape and direct events, sometimes find it more convenient just to let them happen.” (Malcolm Muggeridge, The Infernal Grove, 1975) »

Ancient History Competition 23

Many would think that it was inappropriate for Spartans to use tricks in war, but he said that “where the lion’s skin is not enough, the fox’s skin must be added”. Who was he? »

Quotation of the Week 16

“History teaches us that men and nations behave wisely once they have exhausted all other alternatives” (Abba Eban, speech in London, 16 December 1970) »

Ancient History Competition 22

Which Roman emperor was transformed into a … pumpkin, after he died? »

Solidarity to Egyptian Students

Today I received the following distressing announcement. “Abuses by state and university authorities against academic freedom are not uncommon in Egyptian universities. Both students and professors suffer them. Activists among Egyptian students are routinely subjected to various repressive measures aimed at deterring students from participating in any political activity. In fact students are discouraged from organizing any autonomous activity whatsoever. This year because Egypt is shortly ... »

Quotation of the week 15

“History gets thicker as it approaches recent times” (Abba Eban, English History, 1914-1945, 1965) »

Ancient History Competition 21

This Spartan princess could be mistaken for a prince because of her affinity for horse breeding and horse riding. And did I mention that she was remarkably rich? Who was she? »

Archaeology Volunteers

I have just received an interesting email about archaeological work in Catania and I would like to share it with you. I hope your Italian is adequate. It looks like an exciting adventure! “I would like to introduce Camping Jonio,a camp site in Catania,Sicily.Catania University is famous for its departments of geology,volcanology,archeology,botany,marine archaeology amongst others.Our campsite,which is open all year round,is ideally placed to provide accomodation for students.We offer a ran... »

Love of History Proof

How do you know if you are in love with History? One knows with certainty about the level of his or her infatuation IF s/he: 1)      Keeps a pile of biography books under the bed at all times. 2)      Has recorded every documentary on the Roman Empire ever shown on BBC. 3)      Follows religiously the animated scholarly historical debates on BBC Radio 4. 4)      Brings on much needed holidays the latest historical best seller. 5)      Feels hers or his heart taking large leaps every time one men... »

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