Ancient History Competition

Today I thought I should challenge you. I would like you to answer the following question. In which Greek city can you see the Pegasus statue featured on my blog? Whoever answers correctly gets to meet me in person! Or rather, I get to meet him/her in person, in order to pay my respects.

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  1. P.S. My close friends to whom I have already revealed the location are not allowed to participate

  2. Corinth!? But, if that’s correct, your respects should go rather to the power of the Web… 😉

  3. I tried a google, and even a reverse image search, but admit defeat. I did, however, discover that “Pegasus” is the name of a range of kitchen and bathroom taps. I feel offended on behalf of our classical heritage, but still consider that the ultimate proof of our decadence is that the name of the king at Thermopylae has been appropriated by a maker of chocolates. Very nice chocolates, but even so …

  4. Hi Richard,
    since you went into so much trouble to find it, let me give you a few clues. It is a modern statue, erected recently in the area of the origin of the myth.

  5. Hello Constantina

    Your clue made me look at places near Corinth. (If the answer were Corinth itself, you would already have garlanded Kostas.) But I still have no answer. Perhaps the Internet is only panepistemon when rightly used.

    Having said that, you refer to the place of origin of the myth, which may not be a place that has a substantial role in the myth. There is a view that the myth originated in the east, and was taken over by the Greeks. Curiouser and curiouser …

    • Hi Richard,
      I have not answered to Kostas because he did not seem entirely certain about the location. So, I thought of giving others the opportunity to participate. The answer is: Corinth. Pegasus is in the modern city of Corinth. It has been erected at the square close to the port. The locals absolutely hated the statue when it appeared but I think that by now they are warming up to it. The architect of the square looks as if he was influenced by Gaudi. I will see if I can upload a photograph so that you can see the whole lot.

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