New Year Dreams

How many times did you come up with a crazy idea? How many times did they tell you that your project is unfeasible? How many times did they deter you from fulfilling your dreams? How many times did they say “Surely, you cannot do it”?

The following story proves that dreams come true. This is an anecdote from the life of Henry Ford, the king of automobiles. At the start of his career he sought a loan from a bank in the US. The answer of the banker was both disappointing and a self fulfilling prophecy:

“Mr. Ford, think that if your business plan became a reality, there would be automobiles in such numbers that our dear old gravel roads would not hold them. You would have to put some hard substance on them. In addition, you would have to put up some kind of fueling stations, possibly all over the country. Think what that would look like? And how would you get fuel to them? By train? Another thing that comes to mind is that we have to prevent fools from getting automobiles, perhaps by some kind of license. Otherwise there will be accidents. As if that was not enough, some kind of signaling system has to be put in, at least in thickly settled areas, so that people don’t run into each other. You must understand yourself that I am describing a society so absurd that even you can’t believe in it. Our bank, in any case, cannot contribute to such fantasies.”

Economic historian and numismatic consultant

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