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I found the following announcement absolutely fascinating. It is a chance for classicists who love ancient theater to participate in a collaborative project with other professionals. This is a fantastic opportunity to gain a deeper understand of the practical aspects of ancient performances. At the same time, classicists could gain substantial experience in different fields, such as acting, directing e.t.c. Even though I participated in such performances during my undergraduate years, under the guidance and direction of Evangelatos in the University of Athens, the lack of available time in my hands does not allow me to participate actively in the project. I would like, though, to wish the organisers the best of luck.

“The American Philological Association Division of Outreach and the APA Committee on Ancient and Modern Performance are creating a list of classicists with backgrounds in theatrical performance and classical performance receptions. We are especially eager to identify colleagues willing to share their knowledge of classical antiquity and performance with individuals who are considering staging works that are set in the Greco-Roman world, draw on Greek and Latin literary texts, and/or feature classical figures and themes, in the areas of drama, music and dance.

If you would be willing to lend your expertise to this project, particularly by collaborating with directors, actors and designers, and/or by writing reviews of performances, please send a brief (200-300 word) biography describing your background and interests in both classics and performance to Judith P Hallett,

The deadline for inclusion in the initial roster is October 1, 2010, but it will be updated regularly.”
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