Seeking new Director for Amorium Excavation

It is true! Chris Lightfoot, the Director of the Excavation in Amorium, Turkey, is determined to retire. He has already served dutifully in the post for the past 15 years but now it is time that he moves on. Before he goes he will complete the publications of the latest volumes 3 and 4. Needless to say that volume 4 will be the publication of coin finds and I have been involved in this project, since before the turn of the century! It is anticipated that the New Director will be able to start wo... »

Performing classicists

I found the following announcement absolutely fascinating. It is a chance for classicists who love ancient theater to participate in a collaborative project with other professionals. This is a fantastic opportunity to gain a deeper understand of the practical aspects of ancient performances. At the same time, classicists could gain substantial experience in different fields, such as acting, directing e.t.c. Even though I participated in such performances during my undergraduate years, under the ... »