Peter Capaldi and Time Travelling

Peter Capaldi and Time Travelling

Last Sunday BBC announced that Peter Capaldi will be the 12th Doctor Who! The announcement followed long weeks of speculation and betting; the second being suspended on Friday. I can assure you that the world rejoiced at the news and Capaldi’s name crossed the Atlantic!

Shall we reflect for a second on the reasons for such overwhelming joy? I have no doubt that Mr. Capaldi is an excellent actor that will prove himself once more in his new role as Dr. Who. And yet, does his ability alone justify the excited reception of the news? Of course not!

The fascination with the series is one of the most plausible causes. Ever since Dr. Who appeared on the small screen, it captured the hearts and the minds of the people. It did not matter that it was a low budget series. It did not matter that the bad guys looked like trashcans. The only thing that matter was the Good Dr’s ability to travel in Time.

Time travelling has always been a source of fascination. It has been used (and abused) as the main theme of many tv series. Their success rates may varied but, on the whole, they remained popular in certain sectors of the population. These sectors are none other than you and me. If you are reading this blog, you must be one of the people who dedicates his/ her spare time in reading historical novels, watching historical movies, following the adventures of Time Team and worshipping Indiana Jones. Am I mistaken?

Dr. Who may not be about our glorious historical past. Instead, he explores the multiple histories of our future. As it is, enjoy the new (and yet old) series and let me know of your views.

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