The End of the Semester

The external examiners left the city, the grades were handed out to the students, most of the administration has been done and dusted! So, what is left? The ordeal left me with mental fatigue, a sense of emptiness and a fuzzy brain. The terminology may not be accurate but the feeling is very real and it alters my plans. A few days ago I thought that this weekend will be the start of my research life. I was planning to finish the article I started months ago, I was hoping to visit a library and i... »

How to Survive the First Week of Term

The Winter Semester is upon us! Tomorrow I start teaching and I feel that I am not as prepared as I should be. I have been dealing with the administration and rewriting of modules for the past three weeks but everything seems to be half finished. A sense of inadequacy and fear lurks somewhere in the deeper folds of my soul, as the students are arriving for their lessons. Even before teaching starts, I am already overworked, tired and anxious about the outcome. And I am probably not the only one.... »