The End of the Semester

The external examiners left the city, the grades were handed out to the students, most of the administration has been done and dusted! So, what is left? The ordeal left me with mental fatigue, a sense of emptiness and a fuzzy brain. The terminology may not be accurate but the feeling is very real and it alters my plans.

A few days ago I thought that this weekend will be the start of my research life. I was planning to finish the article I started months ago, I was hoping to visit a library and indulge in the reading of new books and I was aiming at (maybe) finishing a second article over the summer. Wishful thinking! This morning I suddenly remembered about the job interviews I have to attend tomorrow, the surgery hours on Tuesday, the workshop I need to attend on Thursday, and so forth. A quick look at my calendar indicates that holidays over the summer are no longer a possibility, while I will be able only to touch upon my research, instead of fully immersing into it.

So, when am I going to produce the coveted REF publications?

I am confused!

Economic historian and numismatic consultant

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