Finally, activists aim at creating an Open Source platform that will include photos and information of all the antiquities that have been stolen. Wikiloot will be the name of the new crowdsourcing platform, a new experiment on data mining. Its creator seems to be Jason Felch, the co-writer of Chasing Aphrodite, the story of the stolen statue of Aphrodite and its return to its native island of Sicily.Felch and his team are trying to raise the necessary funding for the creation of the platform. Fo... »

Stolen small objects from Olympia

This is a list of the vases, figurines and other small objects that were stolen from the Old Museum at Olympia. Here I include a golden Mycenaean ring with the representation of tavrokathapsia. »

Animal figurines from Olympia

A list of other figurines stolen from Olympia features here. »

Wheels stolen from Olympia

Here you will find photos of the bronze figurines (wheels) stolen from the Old Museum at Olympia. »

Stolen antiquities from the Olympia museum

A few days ago robbers attacked one of the security guard of the Old Museum at Olympia and have stolen dozens of small bronze figurines, ceramic vases and other small artefacts. According to reports, they initially aimed at stealing a collection of gold artefacts but these were no longer hosted in the museum. The police, finally, released a list of these items. I present here the photos. If you want more information on any one of them, contact me and I will see what I can do. Lamps 1. 2. 3. 4. 5... »