The Slaves’ Gamble

The Slaves’ Gamble

Professor Gene Allen Smith who works at Texas Christian University and is a curator at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History wrote an interesting book on the impact of war on early nineteenth century slavery at the Antebellum American South. In this book Allen Smith is trying to explore the possibilities for social mobility among the slaves and freedmen. Specifically, the author focuses on the American wars against the British, the Spanish and various Indian tribes as well as the role the... »

Madame Tussauds

For those who are interested in lifelike image made of wax, I came across an infographic on the life and work of Madame Tussaud. Although it is mostly a commercial site, it has some interesting elements. Information of glass eyes, real teeth and Justin Timberlake can all be fascinating! So, take a quick look at it here. »

The African slave trade drawings

I was writing an article on slaves, sex and money, when I came across the following drawings. These were drafted in 1788 by abolitionists in the US with the intention to draw attention to the inhumanity of the slave trade. They depict the Brooks ship that regularly transfered slaves from Africa to Liverpool. The trade has finally been abolished in 1808 to the advantage of the American master class. It looks like, after this date, slave prices have risen sharply, thus increasing the wealth of pla... »

Nude on the Acropolis: Nelly’s

Nelly is probably one of the best known Greek photographers of the twentieth century. She is not only respected among her peers but she holds an almost iconic place in the hearts of modern Greeks. She was born in Asia Minor in 1899 but moved to Greece after the Asia Minor Catastrophe in 1923. She completed her studies in Interwar Germany and started her career immediately afterwards in Greece. She played a significant role in the promotion of Greek culture in Europe and the States from the 1920s... »

London exhibition of Greek artist

“O Lord!” Artist Giorgos Maraziotis’ debut London exhibition opens on 22nd October. 26 year old Greek artist Giorgos Maraziotis will be exhibiting his latest works in London at newly opened lifestyle store Dalliance (41 Cross Street, Islington, N1 2BB). Opening, Friday 22 October at 20.00h Duration of exhibition: 22 October- 7 November 2010 Mon – Fri 9:30am- 6:30pm Saturday 10am- 7pm Sunday 11am- 5pm T: 020 3254 4619 »

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