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For the past couple of years I devoted most of my time in the promotion of ancient history and classical studies. I have always been proud of my classical heritage and that was one of the reasons I have chosen to dedicate myself to the study of the ancient world. I intend to continue publishing online as well as in the form of books or articles for as long as I shall live.

I would like to apologise in advance but I will need to expand my interests to modern Greece. There is a possibility that I will include here the occasional post on the situation my friends and family are facing back home. I can no longer pretend that everything will be fine in the near future. I can no longer stay behind closed doors, while the people I love the most fight for their survival on a daily basis. I can no longer hide behind ancient Greece when modern Greece is on the verge of destruction.

And I need your help. I have started a campaign to inform people abroad of the situation in Greece. I am tired of the lies, the distortions, the accusations and the insults. Yes, insults! I have never had to face so many of them in my entire life! So, I started a facebook page that will include newspaper and blog articles on the causes and effects of the Greek crisis. Please, read the material and join the discussion there. I promise I will be as impartial as I can be!

You can find the page here

Thank you in advance for your help.

Economic historian and numismatic consultant

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