Ancient History Competition 27

Manolis is back!

“I prefer ruling the people who have gold instead of owning it myself”. This is the answer this frugal consul gave to the foreign ambassadors who tried to bribe him. Who was he?

Economic historian and numismatic consultant


  1. Manius Curius Dentatus.
    After being victorious (290 BC) in the Third Samnite War, he rejected a bribery attempt of the adversaries. One source reporting this event is Plutarch (in Apophthegmata Romana and in the Life of Cato Maior). Valerius Maximus praises also his austerity and has him stating that he could neither be defeated in battle nor corrupted by money.
    Curius also bested Pyrrhos in the battle of Beneventum (275 BC).

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