Ancient History Competition

I hope that today I will make no mistakes and that you will thoroughly enjoy the contest. I want to know the name of the statue(s), its date, the museum that hosts it and any other information you wish to divulge.

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  1. Looks Etruscan. For ancient art most titles are descriptive or relate to the history of their discovery to that is mostly a moot point. Don’t know the museum though.

  2. Βάλε παιδί μου κάτι δύσκολο!!! Δεν είμαστε πρωτοετείς φοιτητές αρχαιολογίας!!! Μην πω τίποτα για την ακαδημαϊκή κοινότητα της Εσπερίας και κοπώ λόγω μπινελικίων!!!!

  3. Kouros’ Head to horse, Acropolis’ museum

  4. Ok, it is the “The Rampin Horseman” 560-550BC. Statue of Kouros/Apollo

    I am not sure if this is the head with fake body in the Louvre or the body with fake head in the Acropolis Museum.

  5. I would have suggested Etruscan too, but since it’s not, I’ll suggest Mycenaean?

    It’s a guess.

  6. Scotth,
    you are the winner of this competition! You gave the closest possible answer and I salute you! Are you an archaeologist? Do I know you? Have you been to the Acropolis museum?

    • I’m just really good with search engines…

  7. Scotth,
    how did you use the search engines to find it. You just had the picture!

  8. Digging in Google image search for statuary in museums with various terms that seemed reasonable quickly led me to believe it was a Kouros representation. It came together pretty fast after that.

  9. I was quite impressed by the hair style. Does anyone have any parallels?

  10. Also impressed by the beard in this kouros statue. is the head a fake?

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