Ancient History Competition 53

Which ancient philosopher died in the arms of his grandson?

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  1. Hmm…I only know that Queen Victoria did…

  2. Wasn’t Julius Caesar (who was kinda philosopher by his De bello gallico and The bello civili, except the fact he was a great military leader and consul of Rome) who died and in the end Octavian Augustus (his grandson) came and hold him in his arms?

  3. Neither of them…

  4. Well, but Caesar is pretty close to that :D:D

  5. Bias of Priene?

  6. Caesar philosopher ? His style in De Bello Gallico and De Bello Civile is pretty dry,that of a military taking notes among the strategic affairs and battle preparations.

    Ceasar is very intelligent no doubt on that. But he stands a long way from a philosopher.

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