Acropolis for rent!


You probably already heard about the Russian magnate who offered to buy the temple of Zeus at Agrigento in Sicily. The Greek government realised this unique opportunity and decided to offer its archaeological sites for rent. First and foremost, the Acropolis will turn into a film studio for no more than 1600 euros per day. The ministry of culture makes available 117 archaeological sites, among which are Knossos, Faistos and Lindos. The person who will rent these places will have the opportunity to use them in photos, movies or advertisements. So, if you would like to take pictures of the Acropolis or the monuments on its slopes, the price will be 1000 euros per day. If you want to make a movie in the same area, you would have to pay 1600 euros per day. Of course, the ones who applauded the Greek government’s move were the Germans. According to the German newspaper, Bild, the Greeks should offer all of their archaeological sites for rent, so that the state fills up its coffers. On the other hand, the Greeks cannot be more humiliated for the loss of their sovereignty and its symbols.

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  1. Unless you translated the government circulars yourself and conducted interviews, you’re obligated the source. Where did you take the information?

    • Try all the major newspapers around the world and a few dozen blogs. I think Bloomberg is where I noticed it first. Then the story was picked up by the Guardian, Daily Mail, San Francisco Chronicle, New York Daily News etc. Several,Greek blogs mention it too. Apparantly there is a very detailed list of prices, which I have not yet seen.
      Thank you!

      • And, of course, I should not forget that rejoiced when it heard of Gerasimos Giakoumatos statement regarding the possibility of renting the Acropolis.

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