Ancient History Competition

The previous competition I set up was very successful. So, I thought of turning it into an institution. I will try to announce a new competition every week. If it goes well, I will be giving away real gifts. Well, nothing expensive given my financial state…

So, here it goes. Which ancient theater is the one depicted in the picture?

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  1. Η Δωδώνη είναι!! Αφού έχει tag η φωτογραφία!!!!!!

    • Oooops! There is a mistake I will never make again! How does it look now?

  2. The competition continues for the non-Greek speakers. And believe me, I know who you are! Which one is the theater in the photograph?

  3. Many of you informed me that the name of the photograph Dodoni1.jpg is visible online. You may believe one of the two things. Either that I am not knowledgable on all things technical or that I was testing you. I would like you to believe the second but, unfortunately, the first is true. So, I will put up another question, soon. One that does not reveal the answer automatically.

  4. Δόξα νάχει ο Γιαραμπής!!!!

  5. LOL@Kleanthis That comment was the first one I saw when I dropped on this page, and I couldn’t quit laughing. Yes, I can read Greek. Been about 20 years, but I can still read some of it. 😉
    Your readers give you a hard time, don’t they? But if you right-click the image to view it you can still see it’s the theater at Dodoni. :) Keep us guessing! I like this site.

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