Ancient History Competition 44

What is the connection between Tiberius Gracchus and the uprising of Aristonikos?

Economic historian and numismatic consultant


  1. I can think of three:

    They both claimed to support the common people against the powerful.

    They both died by violence in Rome.

    They both knew Gaius Blossius.

    • I think Gaius Blossius is the answer Manolis was looking for. Well done on all counts!

  2. The philosopher Blossius of Cumae (Plutarch, Tiberius Gracchus 20), who on interrogation before the consuls declared that he had followed and would follow to the letter any instruction from Ti. Gracchus; and who later joined the cause of Aristonikos (who like the Gracchi proposed social reforms), committing suicide when that failed.

    • And Gary got his comment in there before me!

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