Ancient History Competition 45

What did Nicanor, Nero and Flamininus have in common?

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  1. They all appear in Polybius?

  2. It’s all about the Gates…

  3. Games!

    • Games is correct. But you would have to provide a little more information. Which games, what did they do there?

      • My first thought was that there might be a connection based on competitive festivals: Nero’s introduction of Greek-style games to Rome and his tour of the Greek festival games as a performer is of course well known, while Nikanor of Stageira was sent to proclaim the Exiles’ Decree at the Olympic Games of 324 BCE. But I couldn’t find a similar link for Flaminius, other than the building of the Circus Flaminius on the Campus Martius.

  4. OK. Let me try to elaborate further.
    Nikanor of Stageira at the Olympic Games of 324 BC proclaimed the return of the exiles. Titus Quinctius Flamininus in 196 BC proclaimed the freedom of the Hellenic states at the Isthmian Games. In 67 AD Nero also proclaimed the “freedom” of the province of Achaea at the Isthmian Games, moreover granting ateleia (tax exemptions) for the residents.

  5. Wasn’t the previous the 45th?
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